Throat Chakra Quiz

Group 1

Do you find it hard to express how you’re feeling?

Do you feel overly shy around other people?

Do you struggle to verbalize your thoughts?

Do you feel almost paralyzed while speaking in public?

Are you nervous or fearful of expressing your opinions?

Do you struggle with miscommunication in relationships?

Are you very secretive about yourself and your life? 

Total yes:

Group 2

Is it easy for you to express your thoughts and feelings?

Do you trust the inner voice of your soul?

Do you speak the truth?

Are you confident in the ways in which you express yourself?

Do you really listen when people speak?

Do your words match your thoughts and actions?

Do you speak from your heart?

Total Yes:

Group 3

Do you tend to be over opinionated?

Do your actions go against your words?

Are you stubborn?

Are you defensive when people contradict you?

Do you tend to aggressively push your opinions on others?

Do you often feel misunderstood?

Do you find it difficult to listen to and understand others? 

Total Yes:

See below the image for results!


If you scored many yes answers in the first group: Your throat chakra might be closed or under stimulated. You have a difficult time expressing your truth. Maybe you feel judged for what you say or that your voice isn’t important enough to be heard, but it is! Your thoughts and words offer unique insight that only you are capable of having. If speaking your needs is too scary, try writing them down instead. Carry your blue calcite crystal to remind you to be assertive when it comes to communicating your needs.

If you scored many yes answers in the second group: Your throat chakra is pretty well-balanced! You freely and openly express yourself to the world. Speaking out and speaking up come easy. You say what you mean and you mean what you say! You listen to your inner voice and have a balance between silence and speech. Carry your blue calcite to allow your voice to continue being open and free.

If you scored many yes answers in the third group: Your throat chakra may be too open or overstimulated. You might find it difficult to express yourself in ways that are understood by others. When this is happening, stop and listen. Pay attention to your breath and listen to what other people are saying. Practice talking less and listening more. When you can quiet and tune into the authentic voice of your inner teacher, your outer voice will become much clearer. Carry your blue calcite to help express your ideas, opinions, and needs clearly so that you are understood.

Imbalance in the Throat Chakra can be caused by: being told that your thoughts or feelings aren’t important/ intelligent/ worth listening to, criticism by parents as a child, being told to keep your thoughts and emotions to your self as a child, your opinions not being valued by your family or community, having your words be used against you after you confided in someone

Also societal conditioning such as: children should be seen and not heard, “How are you?” “I’m fine.”, the thousands of years old practice of chastising/exiling/murdering people who speak out against the social norm or offer fringe ideas or viewpoints, too much talking and not enough listening in most areas of western society

Eat root vegetables and other red foods. Spent time in nature, hike, garden, hug a tree. Stomp your feet to connect with the earth or ground. Walk barefoot outside. Tend to your house plants, check on t (3).jpg

Journal Prompts or Just Questions to Think About

What is your definition of being strong willed?

Who are the people in your life that have control over your willpower and why?

Do you seek to control others? If so who are they, and why do you need to control them?

Are you able to express yourself honestly and openly when you need to? If not, why not?

Are you able to sense when you are receiving guidance to act upon?

Do you trust guidance that has no “proof” of the outcome attached to it?

What fears do you have associated with Divine Guidance?

Do you pray for assistance with your personal plans, or are you able to say, “I will do what the heaven directs me to do?”

What makes you lose control of your own willpower?

Do you bargain with yourself in situations in which you know you need to change but you continuously postpone taking action? If so identify those situations and your reasons for not wanting to act.

All questions borrowed from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

Yoga Asana for the Root Chakra (4).jpg

Vishuddha Mantras/ Affirmations

I speak my truth freely and openly.

I communicate with ease.

My voice is heard.

I am always understood.

I claim and honor my true voice.

I speak from my heart.

My thought and feelings are important.