Third Eye Chakra Quiz

Group 1

Are you stubborn or overly opinionated?

Do you find it hard to be open minded?

Are you emotionally reactive or get upset easily?

Do you become absorbed in details and find it hard to see the big picture?

Do you mistrust or dislike people easily?

Do you have rigid opinions about things?

Are you cynical of the motivations of others?

Total yes:

Group 2

Do you often get lost in your thoughts?

Do you rarely feel inspired?

Do you habitually daydream to avoid reality?

Is it difficult to connect to your deeper self?

Do you struggle to see reality clearly?

Are your interactions with others trivial or superficial?

Do you get confused easily?

Total Yes:

Group 3

Do you listen to and trust your intuition?

Is it easy for you to distinguish truth from illusion?

Do you make decisions grounded in reality?

Are you open minded?

Is it easy for you to manifest things in your life?

Do you trust and believe in things that you can’t see or don’t have proof of?

Do you often know things that are going to happen before they do?

Total Yes:

See below image for results!


If you scored many yes answers in the first group: your third eye chakra may be too active or overstimulated. You may be set in your mindset which makes it hard to see other peoples’ perspectives. You might also trust your intellect, facts, and what things “look like on paper” rather than your intuition which can lead you astray from the guidance of your highest self. Try putting yourself in other people shoes by reading books and watching movies by and about people that are different from you. Carry your dumortierite crystal to remind yourself to trust your intuition even if it doesn’t make sense right away.

If you scored many yes answers in the second group: your third eye chakra may be closed or understimulated. You may feel like you’re in a fog and aren’t quite sure what’s real and what’s not. Daydreaming might also be a way that you escape reality, which furthers your connection from the world. Practice observing your thoughts and the physical world around you. Stay present and grounded by keeping a focus on your breath and your feet firmly planted on the earth. Carry your dumortierite crystal to keep yourself rooted in reality.

If you scored many yes answers in the third group: your third eye chakra is pretty well-balanced! You trust your insights and follow your intuition. You are self-aware and not controlled or limited by the mind. You make decisions based on reality and how your spirit is guiding you. Carry your dumortierite crystal to keep your third eye open and intuition flowing.

It is not uncommon to have yes answers in all groups but many people find that they have more in one group or that they find themselves balanced/overactive, or balanced/underactive. It is up to you how you interpret this quiz.

Imbalance in the Ajna Chakra can be caused by: being brought up in a closed minded or single minded family, not allowed to think freely but rather obey/agree without question, being dissuaded from following your gut/emotions/intuition, insights and perspectives not valued by family or loved ones, lack of emotionally stable life environment

Also societal conditioning such as: our general tendency to move towards linear, tangible, practical, logical solutions and life decisions instead of trusting our intuition, the pressure to do what everyone else is doing even if it is against what your inner self is telling you to do, mistrust/discomfort in anything spiritual that isn’t mainstream religious

Journal Prompts or Just Questions to Think About

What beliefs do you have that cause you to interpret the actions of others in negative ways?

What negative behavioral patterns continually surface in your relationships with others?

What attitudes do you have that disempower you?

What beliefs do you continue to accept that you know are not true?

Are you judgemental? If so, what situations or relationships tend to bring out that tendency in you?

Do you give yourself excuses for behaving in negative ways?

Can you recall instances in which you were confronted with a more profound level of truth than you were used to hearing and found the experience intimidating?

What beliefs and attitudes would you like to change in yourself? Are you willing to make a commitment to making those changes?

Are you comfortable thinking about your life in impersonal terms?

Are you frightened of the changes that might occur in your life, should you openly embrace a conscious lifestyle?

All questions borrowed from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

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Ajna Mantras/ Affirmations

I am open to connecting with my intuition.

I see with clarity.

I trust and honor my intuition.

I see through illusions to the truth of the situation.

My mind and heart are in perfect balance.

I create my reality.

It is safe for me to see the truth.