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Connect with the vibrancy of this most luscious summer season to cultivate growth, ascension, and prosperity in your life!

Elements of Abundance is a 5 week online plant medicine, meditation, and yoga course that will deepen your connection to all parts of the living world around you.

Through embodied movement, creative play, celestial journeys, and whole plant medicine practices, our sisterhood circle will catapult you further along your soul’s path towards the life that you dream of living!

This opportunity begins the week of the Full Sturgeon Moon in mid-August. It is the perfect time to make energetic shifts in your life with vibrant life blooming all around you.

This is a fun and light hearted course, yet also quite introspective and profound. It is a way for you to more deeply connect to yourself, the earth, your community, and source energy.


This course if filled with simple things you can do right now to start feeling better and living a life more fully aligned.

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Connecting to and creating with the plants that grow around me has been one of the most beneficial and soul nourishing practices that I have ever engaged in.



Each monthly update will include a 10-30 minute guided meditation that is seasonal, relevant, or called forth through my intuition and connection to source. Some possible meditations may include:

  • Body Awareness + Messages In Your Bones

  • Cultivating Patience + Compassion

  • Shifting Into Abundance Mindset

  • Plant Spirit Communication

  • You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

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So much of our time is spent in our heads. We analyze everything and attach thoughts to our feelings and somatic experiences. It can be useful to intellectualize our transformations but for really deep release and expansion we must experience it in our bodies. Yoga brings us into deeper union with ourselves and the world around us and takes the ideas and thoughts that are in our heads, and brings them into reality, into the third dimension by bringing it into our bodies. Your body stores tension and trauma that no amount of talking or intellectualizing can relate, this is only possible through intentional, mindful movement.

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This membership includes a monthly live gathering online, we will determine what times works best for everyone monthly. This time will be shared telling stories and adventures from the healing path, joining together in a centering meditation, asking any questions you many have (about ANYTHING)



Each month will also include a bonus or two including:

  • Materia Medica - Plant profiles

  • Journal Prompts

  • Affirmations

  • Spotify Playlist

  • A Seasonal Plant Medicine Workshop to give you the know how and confidence to start making holistic medicine for yourself and your family

  • A Guided Meditation to explore the farthest reaches of your spirit and the deepest depths of your soul

  • A Yoga Asana Practice to inquire into the lessons of the month and embody your expansion

  • A Live Ceremonial Gathering to support one another and co-create a healing space for all

  • A Connection Practice to bring you into deeper union with the living world all around you

  • A highly supportive online community to ask questions, hold accountability, and inspire you to live your most aligned life

  • A monthly welcome video to introduce you to that month’s content

  • Lots of bonus materials that I want to surprise you with!

  • Access to all content including everything listed above for as long as you are a member.


Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a yoga teacher, meditation guide, and whole plant herbalist. I took my first yoga class about 20 years ago and I vividly remember two things: that doors were opening up inside of me that I didn’t even know existed and I really loved the time to rest at the end! Mindfulness completely changed my life. My awareness began to expand, my intuition grew stronger, and my life became filled with more joy and less stress.

My love for the outdoors began at an early age by exploring my backyard, the coastline, and the woods with my family. Plants have always been a big part of life including a pretty significant houseplant collection and evolving to a deep fascination and connection with the plants that grow around me.

I spend my time at home in Rhode Island taking care of my lively and hilarious 4 year old son, Lennox, tending to my overgrown gardens, and enjoying life outdoors in the coastal countryside with friends and family.

In all of my offerings there are no expectations and no judgments. I hold space for you to strengthen your intuition, commune with the earth, and connect with Source Energy. Whatever that looks like and feels like for you.

The light and the shadow in me honors the light and the shadow in you.

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I believe in your capability and capacity for self healing, to becoming self aware, and to loving all parts of yourself.

I believe that the more deeply rooted you are in your own true authentic expression of self, the more you can offer others and contribute to the healing of all people and the planet.

I believe that just by being yourself, you make the world a better place.


THE MONTHLY INVESTMENT for this course at any other time would be $33+ but because I’m just getting started, I am so thrilled to offer it to you for $22 a month! Everything listed above, with new content added monthly for this super low price!

I have under 1000 followers on Instagram and a little over 200 email address on my mailing list. That’s it. You're here with me as a little seedling as I figure out how to grow. And there’s only one direction to go from here, UP! and I hope that you come with me! Click the link below to enroll in Elements of Abundance and receive 50% off my online courses for life!

Nicole is a teacher, a nourisher, a sharer. She goes out of her way to make connections with each individual student. She creates an environment where she offers us everything & encourages us to take exactly what we need, to move freely and do only what we feel called to do, free of judgment. What I love about Nicole’s classes is that they’re more than just yoga. It’s more than improving strength and flexibility. It’s more than just unwinding at the end of the day. It is bigger than that. It is a deeper connection to ourselves and each other. It’s freedom & acceptance to be who we are in that moment both collectively & singularly.
— Jenn from Massachusetts
Nicole’s passion and compassion for people, her commitment to community and to making the world a better place are infectious! She is perceptive and empathetic. One always leaves any of her classes richer in knowledge and awareness. She has taught me how important it is to care for myself, to be present and mindful.
Nicole has instilled in me a love for yoga and a new found love for myself and compassion for those around me, improving my everyday life and relationships. This new practice has changed my life!
— Kathy from Massachusetts
I’ve been practicing yoga and taking herbalism classes with Nicole for over 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience! She has showed me how to heal my body and mind. Nicole has taught me skills to deal with my stress and put my mind at peace. I will be forever grateful for her support and friendship.
— MaryAnne from Massachusetts
I find Nicole to be a very natural, authentic and inspirational teacher. She has a kind and calming presence and creates a welcoming safe space for all of us to share experiences and practice yoga together. I enjoy learning and practicing with Nicole and look forward to her future class offerings!
— Kristin from Rhode Island
Nicole has been a huge support in my spiritual and plant medicine journeys. I’ve gone to many of her workshops and classes and one that sticks out for me was an herbal infusion workshop she led. This workshop opened my eyes to the ease of daily herbal infusions and how I can gather many of these plants in my own backyard. I learned so much about how different herbs can positively impact my health. She takes the guess work out and encourages everyone to follow their intuition when working with plants and consuming them. She’s captivating and relatable on so many levels, I’m excited to continue this journey with her!
— Keri from Massachusetts