Heart Chakra Quiz

Group 1

Do you tend to be needy in relationships?

Do you often feel a sense of anger/resentment towards other people or life in general?

Do you frequently feel jealous of others?

Do you easily adopt the role of a martyr?

Are you often suspicious or mistrusting of others?

Do you smother people with your love?

Do you find it hard to let go of bitter or self critical thoughts?

Total yes:

Group 2

Do you feel emotionally distant or disconnected from other people?

Do you avoid socializing or have social anxiety?

Do you find it hard to forgive and/or hold grudges easily?

Do you carry a deep sense of fear regarding love?

Do you struggle to give and receive love freely?

Do you easily fall into the role of the victim?

Are you often suspicious of others?

Total Yes:

Group 3

Do you feel a healthy and loving connection with the people in your life?

Do you enjoy spending time with others but also like being alone?

Do you feel happy when good things happen to other people?

Are you open and receptive to the world around you?

Do you love and accept yourself as you are right now?

Do you enjoy giving and receiving love with others?

Do you forgive yourself when you do something wrong or make a mistake?

Total Yes:

See below the image for results!


If you scored many yes answers in the first group: Your heart chakra may be overstimulated or overactive. You might seek love and self acceptance from others as you don’t always feel it from yourself. There’s no need to search outside when all that you need is contained within! Open up to the love that you have for yourself. Allowing others to feel happy, loved, and free will bring these qualities into your own life. You don’t have to sacrifice to be loved, you are worthy of love exactly as you are. Carry your adventurine or malachite crystal to remind yourself of the innate self love you have within you.

If you scored many yes answers in the second group: Your heart chakra may be blocked or underactive. It has closed itself off, possibly because of fear or of getting hurt in the past. It’s time to let love flow again! Begin a practice of self-love. Forgive yourself and others, reclaim your power in love relationships. Allow the universe to begin to flow within you again, it’s pulses and rhythms matching your own heartbeat. Even if you don’t always feel this, know that it is always there. You deserve a life full of love. Carry your adventurine or malachite crystal to remind you to give and receive healing love.

If you scored many yes answers in the third group: Your heart chakra seems pretty balanced! You let love flow through you, giving and receiving it with compassion. Profound self acceptance and self-love define your relationship to yourself. You trust yourself and practice forgiveness of yourself and others. Carry your adventure or malachite crystal to remind you to keep the energy of your heart radiating and free.

Imbalance in the Heart Chakra can be caused by: experiencing physical or emotional abuse as a child, being raised by an emotionally cold or narcissistic parent, being denied affection and love growing up, death of a loved one, emotional abuse/manipulation, abandonment, divorce, crossed boundaries in intimate relationships, heart break

Also societal conditioning such as: taking care of your emotional needs is unnecessary or selfish, showing love or compassion is a sign of weakness, the general hierarchical/linear perception of love and relationships as opposed to the circular all inclusive model, the archetype of the hopeless romantic

Eat root vegetables and other red foods. Spent time in nature, hike, garden, hug a tree. Stomp your feet to connect with the earth or ground. Walk barefoot outside. Tend to your house plants, check on t (3).jpg

Journal Prompts or Just Questions to Think About

What emotional memories do you still need to heal?

What relationships in your life still require healing?

Do you ever use your emotional wounds to control people or situations? If so, describe them.

Have you ever allowed yourself to be controlled by the wounds of another person? What are your feelings about letting that happen again? What steps are you prepared to take to prevent yourself from being controlled in that way again?

What fears do you have about becoming emotionally healthy?

Do you associate emotional health with no longer needing an intimate relationship?

What is your understanding of forgiveness?

Who are the people that you have yet to forgive, and what prevents you from letting go of the pain you associate with them?

What have you done that needs forgiving? Which people are working to forgive you?

What is your understanding of a healthy, intimate relationship? Are you willing to release the use of your wounds in order to open yourself to such a relationship?

All questions borrowed from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

Yoga Asana for the Root Chakra (4).jpg

Anahata Mantras/ Affirmations

I am loved.

I am fully open to receive love.

I am fully open to give love.

I love myself unconditionally.

I forgive.

I am worthy of love just the way I am.

I am compassionate.