Crown Chakra Quiz

Group 1

Do you feel as though your life lacks a sense of direction?

Do you have a difficult time connecting with yourself or others?

Do you often feel isolated and lonely?

Do you have a general lack of care or compassion for others?

Do you feel spiritually disconnected?

Do you feel as though your life lacks significance or meaning?

Do you feel unworthy of receiving spiritual guidance?

Total yes:

Group 2

Do you experience a limiting or rigid self identity?

Are you flighty and often have your head in the clouds?

Is it hard for you to empathize with others?

Are you angry at God?

Do you feel superior to other people?

Are you often judgmental or critical of others?

Do you regularly feel as though you’re in the midst of a crisis?

Total Yes:

Group 3

Do you feel connected to a higher power?

Do you feel as though you deserve wonderful blessings in your life?

Do you feel enveloped in universal love?

Do you have the sense that you are being watched over or cared for?

Do you feel immense love and gratitude for yourself and others?

Do you understand that your individual identity goes beyond your physical form?

Do you have an active relationship with God/Divine/Source?

Total Yes:

See below image for results!


If you scored many yes answers in the first group: your crown chakra may be blocked or understimulated. You feel disconnected from a higher spiritual power and the universal love that surrounds us all. It may be difficult for you to propel your life forward in a meaningful way. Begin opening your crown chakra by starting to notice all the little miracles that happen around you every day; a smile from a friend or stranger, the budding of the trees, something that pops into your head to make you laugh. Carry amethyst this week to remind you to bring awareness and appreciation to your everyday life.

If you scored many yes answers in the second group: your crown chakra may be over active or overstimulated. Things may seem overwhelming and you might even be angry at God/Divine/Source for your current situation and judgmental of other people who live and think differently than you do. Try to shift this fear, anger, and judgment to trust and acceptance by keeping your awareness on your thought patterns. Live more mindfully with your feet firmly planted on the ground so your head can’t as easily slip into the clouds. Carry amethyst this week to help keep you focused and grounded.

If you scored many yes answers in the third group: Your crown chakra is pretty well-balanced! You have a connection and relationship with the divine that allows you to live a life full of love, gratitude, and purpose. You trust that the right things will happen at the right time and are open enough to witness the synchronicities and messages that are around you every day. Carry your amethyst this week to keep your crown chakra open to infinite possibilities!

It is not uncommon to have yes answers in all groups but many people find that they have more in one group or that they find themselves balanced/overactive, or balanced/underactive. It is up to you how you interpret this quiz.

Imbalance in the Sahasrara Chakra can be caused by: living in stressful environments, fast-paced lifestyles, unresolved trauma, deeply rooted core beliefs which developed in childhood and have been reinforced throughout life, dogmatic or strict religious upbringing, general issues of self worth

Also societal conditioning such as: spirituality and God only look one certain way, being ostracized by family/friends/community if your spiritual/religious ideas are different than theirs, we are separate and isolated beings who are defined by ego/superficial things, disconnect from nature and natural places and things

Eat root vegetables and other red foods. Spent time in nature, hike, garden, hug a tree. Stomp your feet to connect with the earth or ground. Walk barefoot outside. Tend to your house plants, check on t (8).jpg

Journal Prompts or Just Questions to Think About

What questions have you sought guidance for during meditation or moments of prayer?

What answer to these questions would you most fear?

Do you bargain with God? Do you complain to God more than you express gratitude? Do you tend to pray for specific things rather than pray in appreciation?

Are you devoted to a particular spiritual path? If not, do you feel the need to find one? Have you found surrogates to be devoted to? If so, list and evaluate your relationship to them.

Do you believe your God is more authentic than the Divine in other spiritual traditions?

Are you waiting for God to send you an explanation for your painful experiences? If so, list those experiences.

How would your life change if God suddenly decided to answer your questions? And how would it change if the answer you received was “I have no intention of giving you insight into your questions at this point in your life”? What would you be prepared to do then?

Have you started and stopped a meditation practice? If so what are the reasons that you failed to maintain it?

What spiritual truths are you aware of that you do not live by? List them.

Are you afraid of a closer spiritual connection to the divine because of the changes that it might trigger in your life?

All questions borrowed from Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

Yoga Asana for the Root Chakra (6).jpg

Sahasrara Mantras/ Affirmations

I am Source.

I am free of limiting beliefs.

I am connected to all that is.

I am at peace.

I am divinely supported.

I honor the divine within me.

I listen to the Universe